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Zhanhua Kingman Food Co., Ltd is Shandong gold food limited company and the German company in 1999 if the pull jointly built a production date products of the joint-stock enterprises, the same year the production of export products of enterprises registered in 2000 through the ISO9001 international quality system certification.HACCP quality certification. Annual equipment production capacity of 5000 tons of jujube products, output value of 70 million yuan, sales revenue of 85 million yuan, annual profit and tax 15 million yuan. In the process of preparation, the company always adheres to high standards, high starting point and strict requirements. The production equipment is excellent, the technical force is strong, the production scale and the technical level are in the forefront of the same kind of products in the country.

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    Address: Zhanhua Binzhou, Shandong contact: Feng Manager
    Phone: 0086-543-7315787 Fax: 0086-543-7312387
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    Market oriented company, with economic benefits as the center, to provide for human health food nutrition science mission, aiming at the international market, mainly the production of food for export, the main products are low in sugar, honey, red gelatin candied apricot Jane heart three series more than 40 varieties.
  • Our advantages
    Our company is engaged in sales of jujube, mainly supply large shopping malls, supermarkets and so on. The acceptance business is: cash, low price, large quantity of purchase acceptance bills, rich experience and good faith service.
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Counseling hotline:0086-543-7315787
Address:Zhanhua, Binzhou, Shandong
Address:Zhanhua, Binzhou, Shandong
Telephone:0086-543-7315787 Fax:0086-543-7312387
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